February 5th, 2004


Jury Duty

The Pirate has jury duty this week. He's managed to dodge the bullet up until today. And now he's sitting in San Jose in the Hall of Justice. I had to physically restrain him from wearing his underwear on the outside and a cape, although it did occur to me that had I let him do so, he would certainly be home by lunchtime.

As it is, they're going to have a helluva time with that one tall guy in the back screaming "Keelhaul the bilge rat!" for every prospective defendant he's brought before.
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    War and Peace - last 5 hours!!!


You really suck
Nobody really likes you
At least I sure don't

No, it's not a comment on anybody or anything. I'm just buried under a mountain of work, my entire body is sore, my weekend plans have been massively re-routed, and I'm feeling as bitter as 7-11 coffee.
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    War and Peace (mostly War)