February 7th, 2004


Check me out - I'm slackin'!

Today, I went into work for prepare for a meeting I have on Monday and to send some stuff to my boss who's leaving for Korea tomorrow. While I was there I did a little regular work, too. Then I took Peaches and her friend to lunch. Then I cam home and went running. Oh, and before I left for work I cleaned the horribly messy kitchen while the Pirate...where was the Pirate? Oh, grocery shopping.

And during all of this, I read (okay, listened to) Bernard Lewis' "The Crisis of Islam." It is a very detailed analysis of political relations between the Islamic world in general and the US in particular, and his assessment of why things aren't working.

I took Peaches to another friend's house to spend the night, and no wthe Pirate and I are watching "Before Night Falls," which is excellent and poetic and fabulous. And sad.

But I'm not doing anything "constructive," and I don't care. I'm happy and I am having a good time.
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