February 27th, 2004

buddha virgin

Building on the Dream

The Pirate and I were talking about our dream today. You know...the one about chicken ownership. And it got around to a discussion about also wanting fruit trees. We both would like a very small orchard (6-9 trees) of different fruits. And then I realized that if I was going to have fruit trees, there's something else I want. Bees.

Chicken an' bees...
Chicken an' bees...
Chicky buzzy chicky buzzy
Chicken an' bees!

We had bees in the backyard of the house we live in now, but I had them removed because the baby was just a baby and they were too close to the house. On the other hand, neither me nor anyone else in the house was ever stung, despite the fact that I had, at one point, wrenched the top off the box they were using as a hive. The gentleman who came to remove them said that they were the most mellow bees he had ever seen. I chose this particular man because he was the only one I could find that wouldn't kill the bees. He just relocated them, and it didn't look all that difficult.

And the honey was amazing.

I want chicken an' bees.
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