March 11th, 2004

buddha virgin

Time Well Spent

On Tuesday I did that reading in Petaluma and heard a really amazing piece by a woman who lives in that area. So, yesterday, I decided to email her and tell her exactly what I thought of her work. I wrote her a fairly long email with my comments and praise.

She wrote me back last night, a warm happy letter saying in effect that I'd made her day. She also asked for the text of Orfeo because she said that it went by too fast for her and she'd like to "linger over it." I was tickled and, after finishing my last round of edits last night, emailed it off to her.

Increasing the happiness in the world. It's one of my five pledges.
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I Can't Stop Pulling a Face

I'm on the phone with the Pirate, checking in to see how his morning went. We had the carpets cleaned on Tuesday and the hallway still isn't dry...

"Hey, I gotta go. The cat's killed a bird," the Pirate says in a panic.
"Really?" I am sort of happy about this, not realizing that he would ever be able to hunt, being a formerly indoor-only cat.
"Gotta go! It's here in the living room - with no head."

And now I'm making that face and I can't stop. If, when I get home, I can still tell where it was, I'm going to be both cross and grossed out.
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