March 25th, 2004

buddha virgin

Form Follows Function

Memo to mortaine:

I know that it looks ridiculous when I clip my cell phone microphone onto my nose ring. I get laughed at nightly on my way home, because I always clip it there. On the other hand, no matter which way I turn my head, my microphone stays the same relative distance from my mouth, and I don't have to shout above any ambient noise.

It's not a fashion statement. I'm just really, really practical.

P.S. The second I got all squared away (and the second you turned back around in your car) the Pirate called and wanted to know why I was laughing. He's seen it. He agreed it looks ridiculous.
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Where Am I?

I drove home on the freeway in the pouring rain. At least, it looked like the freeway. It was hard to tell. People were driving at least 15 MPH slower than the posted speed limit. They were leaving ample space between themselves and the cars ahead of them. People were polite.

It was disorienting. I had to pay special attention to the signs to make sure I was still in Silicon "Every Man For Himself" Valley.

It was almost as refreshing as the rain!
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