April 12th, 2004

buddha virgin

Eventful Weekend, Surprisingly Little to Say

Thursday night went to an editing session with a few people from my group. Got some really good feedback on the story I'm about to send out (after some little revisions). Got a couple of really nice compliments, too. It makes me happy to hear that, after running my story through several distillations, it reads as tightly as I hoped it would.

Took Friday off to prepare for the first camping trip of the season. Click on any of the individual pics for a bigger view.

I'm not ready to take on the week yet.
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I am beseiged (as are we all) with the rotten news of the world every day. Our own government works against us; the population of the earth is poisoning itself; greed, anger and stupidity run rampant in every quarter of the globe and it seems as though those on the bottom are held down by insurmountable forces.

And then I see evidence of the resourcefulness and determination of people, and it never fails to give me hope for the future.
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kanji danger

Weekly List

I didn't post a list last week - that's how busy I was. And, as usual, when I don't focus, everything goes to hell. My children are living in the streets doing heroin, I lost my job and contracted syphilis and my husband was hit by a train.

Okay, it's not that bad, but I can tell you that the road to Hell is paved with the linoleum currently on my kitchen floor.

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