April 24th, 2004

buddha virgin

Warning - Some of this is EXTREMELY SILLY

This part's not.

Woke up this morning feeling kind of yucky, but decided to go to Palo Alto to find a better fountain pen. All the Lamys I have used have leaked. The Rotring clogs. Let's try this Cross. It's black and heavy, fine nib. It takes (of course) only Cross cartridges, but I got a bottle of a nice avocado-colored ink. We'll see how this goes. So far, so good. Smooth line, easy to grip. We'll see how it goes.

While we were at University Art, I bought a couple of calligraphy nibs. They're simple and of an extremely fine point, very simple. I also bought a contraption called an "Xtra Hands" that consists of a heavy weighted base and arms with alligator clips and a magnifying glass. When I got home, I successfully cut down the cufflink bases I got at Global Bead a few weeks ago. I used the Xtra Hands thing to hold them together while I soldered them. So...the upshot is a pair of beautiful new fountain pen nib cufflinks for my french cuffed shirts. I also finished that nice pin with the flower hook for the lorgnette.

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Third grade, sure, but I'll bet you giggled.
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