May 6th, 2004


Taking the Ghandi cure

Like everybody (and I do mean EVERYBODY) else, I'm hating life right about now. I'm spending too much time at a job I am getting to dislike, I'm not spending enough time doing the things (or people) that are important to me, and the lack of sufficient sleep is driving me crazy.

It's time for that age-old cure espoused by everyone I admire - prayer and fasting. Nope, it's not a euphemism for anything, it's not a political statement or anything else. It's hitting the "reset" button on my psyche. It's yelling "do over" after my emotional basketball has gotten itself stuck on the roof. It's the "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" my body needs right now to kick my rebooty.

Okay! I've talked myself into it!
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