June 1st, 2004


Practically Painless

So, I went down to my local Red Cross and donated blood. About two weeks ago, mortaine had shamed me into it and for me, it takes a little prep time to get my iron levels up to where I can donate, so I've been drinking citrus and taking iron and licking all the cast iron pans in the house.

And sure enough, the donation went without a hitch. The entire blood-collection portion took just a hair over five minutes and I was in the lounge, drinking juice and talking politics with a couple of old ladies (it beat the hell out of them talking surgeries).

And I did get the chance to tell the nurse that my blood type is just like my philosophy in life. Be positive. She asked if that was true and I told her no, but "piss off" isn't a phenotype.
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Heeding the Warnings of Literature

I finished listening to the 24 hours of Moby Dick this weekend, and I'm now about an hour into the 11 of Robinson Crusoe.

I have a couple of observations:

1. The ocean is big and bad and oceangoing vessels are peopled with a very special sort of lunatic.

2. Even if someone dangles the prospect of free passage around the world by ship, don't take it. There's a reason it's free.

3. There's a reason why great seaports such as London and Nantucket have high populations of widows.

4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. If a complete stranger comes to you before your voyage and starts telling you the story of Jonah and the whale you are fucked. Your best bet would be to run as far inland as your feet can carry you, crawl under a bed, and stay there until the urge to go to sea passes.

I have never liked the ocean. I was born and raised on the desert and love it and have never understood the attraction people have to the ocean. I am doubly confounded now.
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Making Time

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I just can't see ever cutting a child's relatives, even the ones you hate, out of their lives. That sort of thing just comes back and bites you. Just bites you.
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