August 23rd, 2004

buddha virgin

The Weekly List

Last Week's Score: 24/25 = 96% = A

Honestly, I can't take credit for the great acheivement. Most of our tasks involved moving, and since we weren't done with them when Jimmy, Hema and Eddie (the three best movers on the planet) showed up, they packed us up and moved us.

Now that our stuff is moved, it feels like we've given birth. Labor is over, and we have the joy of a newborn. Not only no sleep, a new schedule and a million things to figure out but also the joy of discovery and the flush of acheivement every time we figure out something new (like how to work the dishwasher or where the plug for the refrigerator is).

And now - Collapse )

This list will assuredly grow as the week progresses. I've left out anything that begins with "find box that contains..."