August 25th, 2004

buddha virgin


I'm backlogged on Stuff That's Going On. And, since this is my journal (not just my own public wit forum), I wanted to get it all down while it's only day-old, as opposed to completely stale and in danger of becoming fictional.

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buddha virgin

I love the Beeb headlines

The headline reads "South African man buried after failing to come back to life." I wanted it to be about a judge punishing that one magician guy who really doesn't do magic but who just does endurance stunts, but no. It was just about a man whose family was told that he would be resurrected and who therefore didn't bury him. After several weeks, the goverment declared the body a health hazard and ordered it buried.

At the top of the page there is a constant scrolling of breaking news that carries the promise of a story in greater detail later, only sometimes that's a little disconcerting: "At least one Iraqi killed during march to Najaf. More soon."

And the language differences are sometimes tricky. The headline for a story on the practice of recruiting medical personnel to the UK from countries where medical personnel are badly needed read "UK crackdown on nurse poaching." I was envisioning hunters in blinds that resembled oxygen tents, lying in wait in the halls of hospitals.