September 13th, 2004

buddha virgin

That Ol' Weekly List Black Magic

Last week's score: 14/31 + 1 bonus = 48% = F :(

So, I'm lying in bed last night stressing because we don't have the house completely unpacked and set up. "After all," I think, "It's been three whole weeks." We knocked ourselves silly this weekend running over the hill to do a bunch of shopping, putting up shelves, etc.

I started looking at last week's list and realized that it falls down because of what's NOT on it. Like, the daily chores (there are at least 12 per day) that have consistently gotten done. This list ends up being the "extra-curricular" stuff, and we managed to knock out half of it. So, rather than beating myself up, I'm following the BBC's suggestion and having a life-sized floral sculpture made of me. It'll look lovely on the deck!

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