September 23rd, 2004

buddha virgin

Today's Hit List

Yeah, it's come down to this: I'm so unmotivated, overwhelmed and shitty-feeling that if I don't make the list, it don't get done. And I'm a woman with many, many things on my plate.

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Bloody hell, I'm exhausted already.
buddha virgin

Left Lung Story

I feel shitty,
Oh, so shitty,
I feel shitty and gritty and gross!
And I pity
Any idiot reading this post.

I feel awful,
Oh, so awful
It's unlawful how awful I feel!
And so shitty
That I hardly can believe I'm real.

See the sickie cracking that mirror there:
Who can that pathetic girl be?
Such a pasty face,
Such a frumpy dress,
Such a crooked smile,
Such a shitty me!

I feel yucky
And like weeping,
Feel like crying and sleeping all day,
For I'm ill
In a really horrible way!
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