September 25th, 2004

buddha virgin

Nature is Cool

Just after lunch, I was in the Baby Goddess' bedroom reading her a story and trying to get her to settle down for nappy-doo. pirateguillermo came running in whispering "Come out on the deck and be very quiet!" We all ran out on the deck (and for once, the BG did as she was told and was VERY QUIET) as pirateguillermo pointed down toward the creek. We all peered over the edge of the deck.

Two wild turkeys were scratching in the dirt below the deck. They were big and ugly and amazing. For a second I worried that one of the neighborhood cats would jump on them and eat them, and then it occured to me that either one of them was easily twice as big as almost any cat in our neighborhood. We tried throwing them some cornbread, but they only stayed a few minutes before flying over the creek and disappearing into the woods.