October 18th, 2004

buddha virgin

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What Kind of Super-Villian Are You?
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Pick An Evil Number
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You Are A Necromancer
Your Evil Lair Is An Amusement Park
Your Evil Name Is Count Death Fist
Your Nemesis Is earthdog
Your Evil Hardware of Choice Is A Secret Death Ray
Your Partner In Crime Is aoibheal
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Okay...so my partner in crime is...myself. Yeah. That's about my speed. I'm gonna get you earthdog if it takes me 'til tomorrow noooooooon!

I Feel So Predictable

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How common are junglemonkee's interests
reading (352824)
writing (351052)
cooking (80297)
hiking (55520)
sarcasm (51291)
sleep (74482)
biting (17533)
buddhism (15526)
dreaming (42059)
gardening (15588)
green (28813)
religion (29235)
road trips (33465)
silence (14621)
drag queens (5787)
dressing up (7282)
editing (3700)
farscape (6584)
film noir (3843)
gin (2814)
ginger (1093)
greek mythology (7425)
harp (1126)
lipstick (7786)
military history (1329)
saints (1110)
satire (6511)
art cars (157)
canning (170)
classical literature (512)
ganesh (233)
introversion (745)
kindness of strangers (19)
letter writing (546)
liberal politics (479)
netflix (905)
patty griffin (807)
religious symbolism (36)
sacred music (107)
sexual politics (136)
trich (72)
virgin mary (481)
voice of the beehive (53)
xenophilia (118)
yoi (244)
non-american music (2)
shocking total strangers (1)

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