October 26th, 2004


Men On the Rag

What the hell? I get into work and my longtime friend says "Guten morgen," and I say "Dude," and he says "Are you mad at me?"

I laughed and blew it off, but then later another one of my cow-orkers comes into my cube and starts on a rant that leads me to yell loud enough for the whole building to hear "I'm done with this subject!"

And then another cow-orker maliciously forwards me an email from one of my elves where she tried to explain to him why his job wouldn't be done when he asked for it (mostly because he handed her a 200 page document and said "I need correx and copies in 2 hours") and says "This isn't cool."

No, what's not cool is that you're an arrogant asshat who thinks that we should worship your middle-managing prowess.

I swear, it's the moon or Mercury or some sort of storm-carried ions that are only affecting men.