March 28th, 2005

buddha virgin

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Last week's score: 29/42 = 69%

Not bad at all, considering that I had only hoped to get about a third of it done this week, and it didn't cover any of the millions of chores that have to get done every day.

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buddha virgin

The Myth of the Last Word

Twice now, I have had an email exchange where the other person has said "And that's all I have to say on the matter." I sent no further emails and realized later that my silence allowed the other person to imagine all sorts of things that were not supported by the actual conversation, up to and including the fact that the last word gave him the upper hand.

The unfortunate thing is that this particular exchange isn't just about a fight between two people. It's a legal battle where what is not said is every bit as important as what is said. And because he's incapable of leaving anything, no matter now stupid, unsaid, he's handing me a victory I don't particularly want.

I am living my family motto: Moral high ground, maximum latitude.