April 29th, 2005


People Will Believe Anything You Say About Them If It's Nice

I noticed that everyone's birthday meme thing was pretty much the same. "You're smart and socially ept and people like you for one reason or another." And, of course, everyone said "And it's weirdly accurate."

Of course it is.

Because who's going to fess up to a birthday meme that says

Being born on the 9th means that you don't always get jokes told by the people you work with. You didn't learn Pig Latin until you were in college, and your gradeschool teachers always clucked their tongues and shook their heads when discussing you amongst themselves.

You are the last person to be picked for sports teams, and the only reason you got the job you have is because the first three people they offered it to wouldn't work for so little.

You have a tendency to be hippy, and those pants that look great on everybody else just make you look dumpy. But it's okay, because nobody is looking at you anyway.

You are not particularly bright at romance, mostly because you can't take a hint. You can tell neither when someone's flirting with you, nor when they're blowing you off. Your best bet is to stay home.

You are horrible with money. What pittance you bring home you immediately spend on online gaming. It's no wonder you're borrowing from your parents again.

Get over it, guys.