November 16th, 2005


Edamame Dearest

I have proof that the universe is entirely random and sort of dumb. That proof takes the form of edamame, which are nearly identical to lima beans.

It seems unfair and more than a little discriminatory that, while lima beans are universally reviled, edamame are not. I Googled "I hate lima beans" and came up with over 97,000 results, most of which contained that phrase. A similar search for "I hate edamame" returned only 28,000 results, only the top 3 of which contained the actual phrase. They look, smell and taste the same (you don't need to tell me that they're entirely different plants - I know).

Frankly, I think that it's partly the name. "Edamame" has that cache of being Asian and therefore cool in some kind of "eating things that aren't really appetizing" way they have in The Land of Natto. Maybe if they called them "LEEma beans" instead of "LYEma beans" people might look a little more kindly on them. And they wouldn't mentally change the name to "slima beans." But still, Peru has nowhere near the cult following of Japan. A Google of "hot Inca babes" returns nothing relevant, whereas Googling "hot Asian babes" will likely cause your hard drive to melt and your monitor to explode.

Still, when I see people eating edamame at restaurants, I can only think that they're doing it because they're too uptight to do with them what you're supposed to do with lima beans and any lima-beanesque objects. Shove them up your sister's nose.