February 8th, 2006


The Goddess Isn't The Only Cool Child

Peaches' grades came in yesterday. She asked me over the phone if she could open them, and I told her no. I opened the envelope when I got home and it was pretty much what I was expecting - straight As. And not just straight As, but comments from every single one of her teachers about what a hard worker she is and how nice she is to have in class.

She's having her friend over after school today to tutor her in algebra. She doesn't get paid for it - she does it because she likes her friend and wants her to do well. On the weekends, she goes over to her other friend's house and helps with the chores because the other friend's mom works weekends and the friend is expected to watch her younger sister and take care of the house, and it's a bit too much for her.

I feel lucky and blessed to have such a good kid.