April 13th, 2006


When Poor Use of Grammar Gets Your Hopes Up

I was listening to the NYT Audio Digest on my way to work this morning and heard the account of an intruder who "jumped a fence onto the White House lawn, where Mr. Bush was at home before being arrested by the Secret Service."

And I allowed myself, for one tiny second, to be wildly hopeful.
buddha virgin

On the Drive Home

Since moving to the mountains two years ago, I've noticed that people are putting up signs willy-nilly out our way, and those signs reflect the very unique personality of mountain folk.

F'rinstance: Just at the end of our own driveway, some joker put up a sign that says "No Parking Fire Hydrant," and because mountain folk are just plain contrary, some wiseass went and parked a fire hydrant right under it. And there are a whole bunch of them just like that! What some people won't do to make a point.

Then there are the signs saying that there's going to be construction. Once you've passed the construction site, there are tons of protest signs up saying "End Construction." Some people are just never happy.

I think I want to tear all the signs down and just have things be a surprise. I like surprises.