April 17th, 2006

buddha virgin

Easter Celebrations in Buddhaland

I saw mortaine at the grocery store on Thursday, and she asked me what I would be doing for Easter. Honestly, in a concrete way, it hadn't really occured to me that I had to "do" anything for Easter. It would happen regardless of my state of preparedness.

I spent most of Easter doing chores. I did the grocery shopping and bought bedding for the chickens. I did some cleaning around the house and worked on the baby's clothes. Peaches filled plastic eggs with various candies. We watched a ton of movies, including The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Then the Baby Goddess got back from her Dad's, bringing with her a basket of candies and chocolates which she'd already plundered. She came upstairs and we did a couple of things. First, she got to hunt for all the plastic, candy-filled egg. Then, we took the bunny Peeps in her basket and put them into the microwave, since nobody in our house would actually EAT the things. The Goddess was as horrified as if I had put actual little bunnies in the microwave, and stood there on the barstool watching the neon-pink marshmallow rabbits swell to 5 or 6 times their normal size, all the while holding her hands over her ears and screaming "Turn it off! Turn it off!" After twenty seconds when nothing happened (except the marshmallows getting amazingly huge), she took her hands away from her ears and started smiling and laughing. Nothing bad was going to happen, so there was no reason to freak.

Then we made some fresh pasta and put on our traditional Easter movie. Jesus Christ Superstar. The Goddess asked me if it was a baby movie (our term for movies that are not just appropriate, but of interest to children). I gave her an unequivocal "no." Then she asked me if it was good or bad, and I told her that she'd have to decide that for herself. This only came after I asked the Pirate whether he thought that Jesus Christ Superstar was appropriate for a 6-year-old. He started laughing at the thought that the cornerstone of the most popular religion on the planet might not be suitable for family viewing, and I had to admit that it did sound sort of hypocritical. And then, I looked at the box and realized that it's RATED "G"! Who knew?

She asked a lot of questions about who the people were and what the songs meant, but mostly she followed along okay. I could see that she was really trying to get it straight in her mind how this story of one guy pissing off The Man and getting killed for it had to do with chocolate bunnies, but once she got a look at Judas in his fringed white jumpsuit, all was forgotten. Judas was pronouced WAY cooler than Jesus, and a better singer. True, true.

Then we started talking about the Gnostic Gospel of Judas and about how Judas was just as instrumental in creating Christianity as Jesus was. It's a yin/yang balance - without dark, there is no light.

I don't know how much the Goddess took in, but she did some wonderful emoting while the people were singing - scrunching up her face and waving her fists around. She has glimpsed the power.
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