May 23rd, 2006


Alta Vista is no help here

Is there a term for a person who always shows up as online in a given forum (your IM friends list, an online game, etc.) but who's never actually there - someone who just stays logged into a forum all the time, even when they're away from their computer?

I'm guessing it would be the opposite of a troll (someone who lurks until given an opportunity to appear and be nasty to someone), but what's that?

I'm Pretty Sure I Shouldn't Be Posting Right Now

At the last company I worked for, the company-wide Outlook address book was a joke. There were still people there who hadn't worked there in years, and many of the names were bogus names entered when someone was setting up a test account.

This new company is much more efficient in a kind of creepy Big Brother way. I'm working on a communications piece that's supposed to deploy at the end of next week. The biggest variable is the list pull, which was being handled by Mr. Smugchin. He was at the meeting we had last Thursday where we talked about the list requirements and how we were going to set this up, and when I asked whether he would be the one to FTP the list to our email fulfillment house, he said yes. I saw him yesterday walking from our building to another building with his usual Smugchin look on his face.

And today he's gone. There is no trace of him in Outlook or in the intranet database that contains our org chart info. I asked another team member, only to be told "Miss Offsite will handle his stuff."