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No, it's not a weekly list. I feel like I've been sick since 1971, and I've got a huge backlog of things I need to get done.

  • Call PN and straighten his shit right on out

  • find PN's replacement and drop a train on 'im

  • Print Xmas cards

  • write Xmas letter

  • Set children loose with pens and stamps on Xmas cards

  • revamp card list

  • address and mail

  • buy brackets and bubble wrap at OSH

  • buy gifts for work exchange

  • buy gifts for family exchange

  • print water buffalo cards

  • make window frames

  • install window frames

  • insulate chicken coop

  • mail family gifts

  • mail little iPod

  • mail big iPod

  • finish cleaning out old hard drive

  • Find forms for Sharon

  • Get receipt

  • look up next year's theme and prepare essay for Friday

  • make copy's of President Ikeda's encouragement for the district meeting

  • come up with some member care suggestions

  • Target for underwear for St. Nicholas day (shaddap - I don't want to hear it)

  • set up eTrade acct.


  • planning meeting Monday night

  • chapter meeting Friday