Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Hardware Hate Me

For a while there, my iPod would act funny whenever I used it with my car charger. It would skip songs, or would get stuck on one song that it wouldn't play. Then a couple of days ago, my iPod wouldn't play at all. I would press the button and the hard disk would spin up and then there'd be the soft "chunk" of the read head being snapped back. I tried rebooting it, but it just gave me the "sick iPod" picture. That's bad.

I called tech support and discovered that it's still under warrantee, so they're just going to replace it for free. But during the call, the woman asked me what kind of computer I was using. I told her that I just recently (in the last two weeks) got a new computer. What I didn't tell her was that I got a new computer because my old computer's motherboard fried. First the video card wasn't sending a signal to the monitor, then the whole thing just refused to turn itself on. Fucker.

I talked to pirateguillermo about the fact that my shit just seems to routinely malfunction, break or give up on life. It looks like Peaches has the same malady, as the CD player I got her in June is now broken - the sleeve that holds the headphone jack on the inside has somehow come loose and no longer holds the headphones. *sigh* pirateguillermo says that he's never seen anything like it. He sees how I treat my stuff. I don't routinely bat my electronic appliances around or subject them to the rigors of...anything rigorous. And yet, any electronic thing I touch is guaranteed to crap out early. It was a joke when I first went to work for SEMI that everything on my desk including the electric pencil sharpener needed to be replaced within 6 months of my getting there. At Nano, my hard drive crashed and lost 21 gigs' worth of data. I swear - it's just me.

Those of you who might wonder why learning to survive without modern conveniences is so important to you know.
Tags: technofear

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