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Admin Speak

Is there some kind of rule that says that all admins may communicate only in baby talk? It's not enough that the admin behind me talks to her boss, everyone who stops by her desk and everyone she talks to on the phone in baby talk ("Hewo! Could you do something for meeeeeeeeee? My boss? She wants to book a conference room at your hotel? Hewp me pweeeeeese!"), but when she communicates with other admins, I'm practically awash in dribble.

Yes, this is the same company where, for Halloween, all the admins dressed up in black stretch pants and cats' ears and tails.

The vomit does not stop.


Dec. 7th, 2005 01:03 am (UTC)
We've got a few of those here but the worst one is the crony of the facilities manager. When she thinks she needs to be 'nice' she talks baby talk in this high pitched voice that isn't at all like her normal 'I'm gonna bitch about the whole damn world' voice.

And people don't seem to notice. It makes me want to dig her vocal chords out with a spork.