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Horrified, saddened and angry

This story was on the BBC front page today.

How could this happen?

This is not the first story of its kind that I've seen. Now, I know people who don't have children and who love them anyway. I know people who can't have children and desperately long for them. I even know people who do have children and who don't spent 100% of their time on their knees grateful for that fact (anyone who has children, pretty much). But every time I hear something like this, all I can do is cry. I cry and want to run home and scoop up my children and cover them with kisses and promise them that Momma will always be there.

Of course, this would confuse the hell out of my children, because they are already secure in that knowledge.

But I am filled with rage that all children aren't so secure. They should be.

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