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Being a GrownUp Sucks

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately. I always get this way in the summer because my older daughter gets ready to go off to Tennessee to spend time with her Dad.

So many of my friends seem to be going through crises lately. So many have lost their jobs, their relationships or are struggling in some way. I wish that I could reach out to all of them collectively at once and tell them that it's all okay. All this stuff is temporary. When you come to the end of your time here, you'll probably be surprised at the things that you suddenly realize were important (my revelation was about fears I hadn't yet overcome). In the meantime, the business of keeping body and soul together can be overwhelming.

I think that we, as human beings, need to nap more. Napping is the ultimate statement of compassion for yourself. Napping says "I have a need and I'm going to interrupt my day to meet it, because it's that important." Perhaps I should approach my "I've worked 16 hours a day for the past 25 straight days" boss with this idea.

So, have a nap, everybody.

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