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Virtual Bank Line Twofer!

I only remember the last part of Wednesday night's dream, but the Pirate and I were unhappy about something [in real life, we'd just had a tiff and had gone to bed mad - I know, don't lecture me about it. It works for me.] and we were going to sell our house. The house was out in the woods, but it wasn't near a creek. It was close to the road and consisted of the main house and a granny unit. We'd only been living there a couple of months, and I was heartbroken at having to sell. The Pirate was staying in the granny unit, and in the time we'd lived there, I'd never been inside. I had no idea what it looked like. Two old men had come to look at the house, and they asked if they could look at the granny unit. I took them inside and realized that it was charming - much nicer than the actual house. It had a large screened porch, and instead of a front door, it had a sliding panel in a wall of windows. The front had a kitchen at one end and a breakfast nook, at a sitting room at the other end. There was another door directly opposite the front entrance that led to the bedroom and bath. The whole thing had dark wood floors and cream-colored walls. It was beautiful and snug and I immediately felt a flush of anger at myself for not having come to see it sooner. It was just the kind of place the Pirate and I had always wanted, and now I was about to sell it out from under us.

The two old men were still expressing an interest in the place, and I hemmed and hawed, realizing that I didn't want to sell it. The girls were bopping around, acting perfectly at home, and I knew it would be a mistake to leave. I looked down and I was holding a baby. Whenever I dream about the baby the Pirate and I don't have, it's always a boy, and this was no exception. This baby was about six months old, tiny and squirming. He was dressed only in a diaper and was grabbing my thumb and trying to wrap my arms more tightly around him because he was cold. And over and over, the baby kept saying "Sacrifice! Sacrifice!" as though exhorting me to be more giving. I took it as an admonishment. And when I woke up, I decided I wasn't mad anymore and snuggled up closer.

At the beginning of last night's dream, I was on a long trip. I had gone to Europe or something, and my plane was late because it had to stop in Hawaii to refuel. I got back home and had to go immediately from the airport to work. I was walking along some car-related structure (a parking structure? a freeway offramp?) carrying my stuff.

When I got into work, they were having a big party in a room that looked like a movie theater. Everyone was standing in the aisles while a movie played on the screen and people had dumped their stuff on all the seats. I put my coat and boots on a seat, and Peaches' boots. Then the Baby Goddess' boots. And the Pirate's. And all of our jackets. But, as I went back looking for my people and our stuff, I realized that we weren't in a theater, but on a houseboat. I had passed out in the middle of the floor and woke to find us at the end of some company vacation. Everyone else was gone, and as I was wandering from room to room looking for my husband and my things, someone standing behind me started nuzzling my face. Thinking that it was my husband, I leaned into this person. I realized that it was my old grandboss (who's fully a foot and a half shorter than my husband - hard to mistake if I'd actually seen him) and we both jumped. I told him I was looking for my things, and he said that since everyone else was gone, they shouldn't be hard to find.

I got my stuff together and started driving home. "Home" in this dream was the house where I grew up in Tempe, Arizona. I was driving slowly down the street, which was choked with firetrucks and people staring at the burned-out houses. I was freaked out, remembering that alleahna (who, in the dream, lived kittycorner from me) was telling me that her neighbors kept accidentally setting fire to their kitchen and she was really worried about it. Four houses down, one side of that house was burned. The whole front of the next one was burned, and the one next to that looked the same, but a little worse. Then came alleahna's next-door neighbor's house, which was completely burned to the ground. And then alleahna's house, which was almost as bad. I just wanted to cry, worrying that she and her husband might have been inside.

Then I remembered that they had a vacation house a few miles away near the river. I called her and she and her husband were there. She was really upset because they'd lost all their stuff, but mostly sounded just shaken up and in shock. I was still consoling her and planning how to help get them back on their feet when my alarm went off.
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