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So...it's a well-known fact that technology hates me. My computers have failed, I've gone through four iPods (maybe it's only three), I use up a set of noise-cancelling headphones every six months. In general, if you have to push a button to make it work, it won't work for me.

Please refer to my last post, wherein I describe our thorough routing of the Pirate at one particular juncture in the narrative.

And then this morning: my cell phone was dead. I plugged it in, and once plugged in, it informed me that it was now roaming. WTF?

The sound card on my work laptop is no longer functioning.

The fax machine here works for the person who sent a fax right before me, and for the person who sent a fax right after me, but not for me. The suggestion was that I let someone else send it for me.

... ... ... ...

The Pirate and I had a discussion not long ago about the fact that he married into a family of goddesses. On our wedding day, my sister and I quarreled so hard that it created a storm all up and down the coast of California (Xmas, 2003), I've had fevers that have burned holes in my clothes, and my children are goddesses in their own rights. The older is the goddess of compassion (and naturally very modest about it) and while I tell people that the younger one is the goddess of wisdom, she is just as quick to remind them that she is also the goddess of war. He has said that it's hard being a mere mortal in a household of goddesses, but I wonder....

this can't possibly be a coincidence....



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Jan. 23rd, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC)
You've observed that I'm a saint, but let me just point out that the reason Stephen is a saint is that he was the first Christian martyr.
Jan. 23rd, 2006 10:41 pm (UTC)
But you cursed me, you bastard. You talk about ME being a bad sport.....

Oh, wait. I AM a bad sport.

But still!
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