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Feeling Overloaded

Already, planning for the Baby Goddess' birthday party on Saturday is in full gear. A few of the necessities have been purchased (prezzies were bought last week), but the bulk of it will have to be acquired tomorrow. And I called a couple of women who are supposed to be coming to an Introductory Buddhist meeting, and they want to do it Monday. Yikes. This now means that we have to finish completely re-doing our bedroom by Sunday. I'm tired just thinking about it. Luckily, the Pirate worked from home today. Having him around is a balm to my sanity.
The Pirate took the truck to the Dodge dealership for a major tuneup. I picked him up and took him to the office with an eye toward stopping at OVC to get some work done, then meeting alleahna for lunch, then going shopping for the things we'll need for the party and the drapes we'll need to re-do the bedroom. Well, I got to OVC and I was the only person in the place who couldn't connect to the network. *sigh* I ended up at the Pirate's office, where he put me into a tiny little room and I got my work done. While I was working away, I heard from the Pirate that the truck needed a new water pump, new front brakes and new ball joints. Not cheap.

I did have a great lunch, and then did the shopping, picked up the Pirate and then picked up the Baby Goddess. The evening was spent cleaning and preparing for the party the next night.
Woke up early to do more cleaning. Why the house had to be perfect for a bunch of 6-year-olds I don't really know now. At the time, though, it seemed really important. We did get the bar set up, the food prepared, the stuff we needed to move out of that room moved. By the time the guests arrived, we were already tired, but I had a plan and knew that things were going to be fine.

Princesses arrived, cocktails were consumed, food was sampled, pinata was smashed, dancing was done. It will be the talk of kindergarten for the rest of the year. One kid slept over, and we watched Corpse Bride, which was very cute.
Got up early again, this time to the sound of small children being small children in the living room. Got breakfast together, then started the cleanup. Using my usual scattershot approach, I helped the Pirate clean up the aftermath of the party (which involved more trash than will fit in our bin for the next 2-3 weeks) and then re-arranged our entire bedroom, effectively splitting it into 2 rooms. While I moved furniture and cleaned a year's worth of accumulated dust from under the bed, the Pirate did grocery shopping and got the rods for the curtains. By 9 at night, we were just hanging the drapes. The room was still a mess, the bathroom was unspeakable and both of us were just thinking "It's FINE. Just FINISH!"

It's at this point I realize that I'm on overload from too many people and too much stuff crammed into my already-full schedule.
Got up and got the Baby Goddess ready for daycare. There's no school today, so Peaches is staying home and cleaning the kitchen while the Baby Goddess and everyone else are out. I drop the Pirate off at the car dealership to pick up the truck and go into the office. When I woke up, I was completely exhausted. Even fresh from 7 hours of sleep, a hot shower and a cup of tea, I still felt like I haven't slept in months. My face is puffy and I look as bad as I feel, I'm sure. At lunchtime, I leave and have lunch with the Pirate. A nice treat in the middle of the day. From there, I pick up the Baby Goddess, expecting that I will be able to get some work done from home while she is doing her Valentine's Day cards, and then we'll make cupcakes as a class treat, since her birthday is Tuesday.

Except that I forgot that I have to clean the bathroom and put away some other assorted things. I set BG and Peaches at my laptop with MS Publisher and get them started on the cards. They manage to make a beautiful card, no thanks to BG, who's in need of a nap. But now, they can't print. My laptop can't see the desktop machine at all, and therefore can't connect to the printer. Crap.

Do what I can to debug, and then give up because I have other things I need to get done. As I'm finishing up the bathroom and bedroom, I put the BG outside with the chickens so that they can get some sun and she can watch them and make sure they're not eaten by dogs. Once the house is clean, I go outside to put the chickens back in their yard when my sister calls.

My nephew is dying in Phoenix.

Three days ago, he had a tonsilectomy and was fully on the mend when he was suddenly hemorrhaging from his nose and mouth. By the time paramedics got him to the hospital, he'd lost 60% of his blood. Once he was stabilized, they took him into surgery to find that he'd torn an artery in his neck. According to the surgeon, this is common after tonsilectomies. That just strikes me as so strange, like how all the hoses in your car blow after you've replaced the water pump.

Immediately, I can't think of anything else. Who's going to take care of his wife and son if anything happens to him? Was he insured? He was totally healthy - how did this happen? I go back into the house and still can't get the printer to work, so I punt and take the BG into town to buy Valentines and cookies. At home, I ask Peaches to make dinner for the two of them - I just can't formulate a thought. The BG addresses her Valentines, Peaches gets them both soup and salad, afterward they make cookies.

I still have to give an introduction to Buddhism meeting, and I can hardly finish a sentence. The one guest comes, we do evening prayers, we talk about the history of our practice, etc. The meeting goes pretty well.

After the meeting, the Pirate makes me dinner and I cry and cry and cry before I'm able to eat.
It's the Baby Goddess' birthday. She's 6 today. Peaches got the cookies done, the Valentines were done, the BG is wearing a beautiful new dress she got from her grandparents. The Pirate made us grits and veggie sausage for breakfast, and I went out and let the chickens out for the day. Now that it's light out for nearly 12 hours, we don'thave to turn on the inside light anymore, which I think encourages the chickens to stay outside more, which is better for them, I think.

When I got to work, I called my sister. She said that my nephew is now out of the woods - that they'd repaired the artery and that he's on a ventilator because his neck is too swollen for him to be able to breathe on his own. He'll be in the ICU until the end of the week. I have to donate blood, because my family are mostly B pos, which isn't that common, and my nephew lost so much blood.

My sister confirmed my initial thought that there was no reason for me to go out there. Jason can't have visitors and there's enough family out there to make sure that the baby is being watched over and things are being done. Having me over as a visitor would just be another imposition. But she was glad I called. She said she would give Jason a kiss on the forehead for me. I told her to be sure and put on plenty of lipstick before she did it, otherwise he wouldn't know it was from me.

I'm hoping for a vacation. A few mental hours off. Anything.
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