Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Gary Who-per?

Last night, the Pirate and I watched Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, and the whole time, I thought "Wow, that leading man sure is handsome!" I'd never seen him before, and I couldn't think who he looked like. A little Gregory Peck-ish, a little Harry Connick, Jr.-ish. I kept wondering why I'd never seen him in anything else. The film was wonderful and as the credits rolled, I read the handsome stranger's name.


Gary Cooper is one of those names that everyone has heard, and I could have sworn prior to this point that, whenever the name "Gary Cooper" came up, I was able to pull up a mental picture of some bygone leading man. So, exactly who was I thinking of, since apparently it wasn't Gary Cooper? Cary Grant? No. Jackie Cooper? Hardly.

I could have sworn that I'd seen a Gary Cooper film at some point, but I couldn't ever recall having seen that face before. I looked at his role display page, only to find...nope. I've never seen a single Gary Cooper film ever. War films, westerns, Ernest Hemingway adaptations...everything I generally tend to avoid in film. I feel sort of cheated. But, how is it that I could know Gary Cooper's name, know of his existence, even *think* I've seen him, without actually having seen him? I've never seen a John Wayne film, but I certainly know what John Wayne looks like. I've never seen anything with Mr. T in it, but I know what he looks like as well.

The mind boggles.
Tags: the unbearable dumbness of being

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