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I got up early because Peaches had a dentist appointment over the hill first thing. Got a shower, got myself together, got everyone out of the house. The Pirate was originally going to stay home and do...stuff, but he came with us instead. After dentist, we went out for some brunch and then to Home Despot and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

When we got home, we loaded up all the crap from the concrete pad under the house into the truck and the Pirate and Peaches took it out to the dump while I cleaned everything up down there. By the time they got home, the cleaning was done and we finally have space down there to move around, and the giant pile of wood (we've still got enough lumber to build another very tiny chicken coop) has been neatly organized and stacked. Now, we've just got to start putting away the tools that are out there.
Tags: sabado gigante

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