Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Hummingbirds on Crank

  1. schedule Peaches' flights

  2. mail said schedule to my parents

  3. cardboard to dump

  4. clean deck inside

  5. clean deck outside

  6. make some kind of disguise for TV

  7. file 2005 tax return

  8. deal with IRS re: 2003 tax return

  9. meal planning for next week

  10. scoop litter boxes

  11. build nesting boxes

  12. schedule girls' pediatrician visits

  13. schedule hair appointment

  14. podiatrist Friday

  15. chiropractor Friday

  16. buy new sneakers

  17. design new drip system

  18. buy materials for drip system

  19. bring cold frame up from downstairs

  20. fix cold frame

  21. install drip system

  22. schedule regular stuff that needs to happen

  23. grocery shop

  24. salon Thursday

  1. Finish consistency evaluation presentation

  2. check in w/SMEs who owe content

  3. finish June editorial calendar

  4. get date of Archive capability

  5. write blurb

  6. create ERF

  7. do HTML PSA for 944

  8. do ERF for PSA
Tags: weekly list

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