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The Beat(ing) Goes On

  1. Tried to purchase MS Office. Got error saying that the transaction hadn't gone through.
  2. Downloaded the trial version. Download quit after 5 minute.
  3. Tried to print document from my laptop, but the wireless network on my laptop wasn't working.
  4. Fixed wireless network on my laptop, but it couldn't communicate with the laser printer.
  5. Power cycled both laser printer and laser printer's wireless hub. Still doesn't print.
  6. Tried printing to inkjet upstairs, but it's out of ink.
  7. Finally completed download of MS Office trial edition. Tried to install it. All components install except the one I need - Word.
  8. Try to re-install, get stuck in endless loop.
  9. Try to activate trial version of Office, but program keeps insisting that there's a "communications error" and therefore can't activate.

  10. All of this is necessary because of the stupidest situation in the world. I have three computers that I use daily - my work laptop, my home laptop and my home desktop. The home desktop does not have MS Office installed (only MS Works) and therefore cannot work with or print MS Word 2003 documents. My work laptop cannot communicate with any of my household printers. Which means that I have to pull things off the work laptop and put them on my home laptop in order to print them. Except In the time that all this happened yesterday, I could have driven the 40 miles from my house to my office, printed the document, and driven back. And when the problem was finally diagnosed, it was nothing to do with me and nothing I would ever have known how to find or fix.

    I fucking hate technology.
Tags: technofear

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