Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

It's International Women's Day

To celebrate, I've already bathed my one of my kids, fed her breakfast and seen her off to school. I made a wardrobe correction to the other one before she ran to catch the school bus. While getting myself ready for work, I looked in on my husband, who's succumbed to the illness that he just nursed me through. Having made sure that he had juice, Tylenol, tissues, a trash bag and something to read, I felt free to take care of the pets before leaving for work.

Now I'm at work. I've solved some problems with a list pull for a national mailing, composed text for another national mailing and started planning another long-term project. I've responded to emails from family, friends and colleagues. Later this afternoon, I have to pack up my cubicle because my department is being moved from where we are to a cubicle about 5 years away.

Once I'm done with that, I have to leave early so that I can stop at the bank before picking up my kid from daycare and making dinner for the family. I'll check in with the husband, and will likely run to the store to fetch him more juice to see him through the next couple of days (the sort of things he did for me during my illness). Tonight, I'll take care of the pets, feed the husband and kids, put the baby to bed, put in a few more hours of work and perhaps read a bit before I hit the sack.

And BOO-YAH! All while bleeding like I've been shot! LET'S SEE YA DO THAT, BOYS!
Tags: my life is a gay mad whirl

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