Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

In response to pkdan's homework assignment:

They hadn't meant to do it. It was originally a show of support for poor Myra's bad dye job - a hideous dayglo orange when she'd been going for a soft apricot. But once you've got that sort of thing on your head, you can't very well just put on your cardigan and pretend it never happened. It was Conchita who found the Vegas showgirl headdress at the thrift shop, and Fredda, not to be outdone, came in wearing something that looked like it had been made out of dryer ducting. Of course Vera took it the furthest, her East German Goth Queen look complimented by her natural bitchiness. Normally, they would have had their hair done, gone to Luby's for some lunch, and gone to someone's house for a couple of rounds of bridge before meeting up for the evening's events, but not today. They missed lunch, their hunger-induced lightheadedness daring them to put on another coat of eyeliner, cut down the bust of the dress a little more. It took them fully six hours and it didn't occur to them until they were wedged into the back of a cab what would happen.

And happen it did. The other players were so distracted that they took the bowling tournament by the largest margin in the history of the league, and a special rule was enacted specifically to guarantee that such a display would never take place again.

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