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Gimme Some Love, People!

I've now committed to running a 10k. What the hell am I thinking? I am not built for running any more than a hippopotamus, but I'm gonna get myself out there and do it. The Pirate (who was a distance runner in high school, but in the interceeding 20 years has succumbed to knee problems) is going to gear up and start training too.

I'm lookin' for support, poeple! Just a little love to keep me going through the 6.2 miles between me and glory. Perhaps not glory, but I'd certainly settle for just not hideously embarrassing myself.

Training starts tomorrow. I'm ready!


Oct. 20th, 2003 11:51 pm (UTC)
I am not built for running any more than a hippopotamus

You wouldn't say that if you'd ever been chased by a hippo (a hungry, hungry hippo...)!

So, for that extra bit of motivation as the finish line looms large up ahead, imagine a svelte, agile hippo (on performance enhancing designer steroids, no less!) bringing up the rear, its built-for-speed frame carrying it in a foaming frenzy as it prepares to chomp you on the...well, the rear!

Good luck. I think I'll now know two people running in this race (assuming it's the 10k happening this weekend).