Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Weekly List A-Doodly Dooo

Last week's score: 11/15 = 73%

  1. Call I. about address

  2. pull cash for M.

  3. deposit checks

  4. breakfast w/Pirate

  5. send in ballots

  6. make appt. for WW

  7. cast off Thurs.

  8. chiropractor Fri.

  9. return rental car Fri.

  10. make hair appt.

  11. change BG's plane tix

  12. call B to arrange P's visit

  13. fill in camp paperwork for BG

  14. put away laundry

  15. finish Cargill's shade

  16. weed whack around submarine

  17. fan timer in henhouse

  18. schedule next round of slaughtering

  19. pit cherries

  20. Honors ceremony Thursday

  21. make cherry jam

  22. edit Bella

  23. orthodontist Thursday

  24. pick up book group books Tuesday

  25. take BG's books back to library

  26. lunch with insertparagraph Friday

  27. WW Friday

  28. buy InDesign book

  29. procure prezzie

  30. salon Wednesday

  31. run laun-da-ree laun-da-rau

  32. find chicken sitter
Tags: weekly list

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