Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Keg Beer, Land Yachts, Boobs in Your Face and a Side of Lard to Rub Into Your Belly

You're a hypocrit. Yes, YOU. You are a person who says one thing and does another. You are a person who thinks it's okay for you to do something that is wrong for someone else to do.

I know this because with perhaps one exception, the people likely to read this are people who live in Democratic countries who are opposed to the kind of restrictions put on women in Middle Eastern countries. The kind of restrictions that have led King Abdullah to ban pictures of women in periodicals. He actually says: "One must think, do they want their daughter, their sister, or their wife to appear in this way. Of course, no one would accept this," the newspaper Okaz quoted Abdullah as saying. He believes that allowing pictures of women in print would "lead men astray."

And you're thinking to yourself "COME ON! Why can't you just make Arab men responsible for their own actions? Why must women be kept silent and invisible so that men won't think about them and be "led astray," rather than men disciplining themselves to mind their own business and keep their hands to themselves?

And yet, you bitch about the "high" price of gas. Three fifty a gallon is too much, especially if you're driving a car that sucks up $70 worth at a go. Never mind that the real cost of that gas isn't just the $3.50 you're paying - it's the lives spent procuring it for you, it's the environmental cost of living in countries whose geographies have been rendered pedestrian-hostile by organizations purporting to be our friends such as AAA (the American automobile association), who has consistently lobbied for looser environmental standards for cars and trucks and for expanding the country's freeway systems.

You cry about the cost of healthcare, blaming it for the fact that Americans are sicker than their counterparts in other industrialized nations. And yet diabetes, one of the only diseases whose rates are still skyrocketing in the US, is allowed to run unchecked, largely because American diets include things that are patently bad for them, like high fructose corn syrup, which Americans consume in everything from bread to barbecue sauce in addition to the 32.4 kilos of raw sugar every American consumed as of 2002.

You scream when the people taking drugs like phen/fen and ephedra to lose weight die of heart attacks. For every high-profile death from a drug, there are millions of dollars in lawsuits from people who want to know why "they" were allowed to sell such a product.

You roar with righteousness as Big Tobacco gets its comeuppance when people die of lung cancer and emphysema after decades of smoking. "They" made it hard to quit! "They" marketed to children! "They" didn't warn us that it might be bad for us!

Americans don't want their own personal freedoms touched in any way. They want to be able to consume anything they want, in whatever quantity they want, without consequence of any kind. They want complete mobility, comfort and pleasure at all times. They want to live on Pinocchio's Pleasure Island without the threat of being turned into donkeys.

And yet, they want anything that touches them to be regulated, checked, monitored, scrubbed, tested and approved. They want royal tasters to make sure that nothing untoward makes it into their food and invisible force shields to make sure nothing touches them or their possessions when they leave the comfort of their little suburban fortresses.

Americans take no responsibility whatever for their own behavior and then scream and cry when somebody (who is presumably looking out for his own interests) infringes on their "rights." Americans are infants at the mercy of their appetites, believing that Big Brother, for all our bitching, is ultimately looking out for our welfare.

And we have the tin-plated gall to point at somebody else's interpretation of rights and cry foul.

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