Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Weebly List

Last week's score: 12/22 = 55%. Bad. Horrible. Awful. On the other hand, I did a whole boatload of extra credits!

  1. Do the whole eTrade thing

  2. Pick up the bedroom

  3. Call K

  4. Edit podcast

  5. Draw up new network plans

  6. Put up cold storage shelves

  7. Put canned foods into cold storage

  8. Assess food stores and make note of needed items

  9. Take girls' medical forms to doctor for camp

  10. Send medical forms to camp

  11. Check on status of payment for Athena's camp

  12. Kill chickens Sunday

  13. Pick up PUs from airport Thursday

  14. food for picnic

  15. picnic/graduation

  16. wrap graduation prezzy

  17. laundry

  18. pack BG for trip

  19. pack Peaches for trip

  20. take care of daycare

  21. send Siempre en Domingo emails

  22. tidy living room

  23. clean bathrooms

  24. send medals w/Peaches to tias

  25. arrange chicken sitting

  26. sweep deck

  27. Big Basin/Kianti's Saturday

  28. Kindergarten recital

  29. Book club Wednesday

  30. Peaches to orthodontist

  31. Pirate to chiropractor
Tags: weekly list

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