Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Weepy List

Last week's score: 25/31 = 81% Much better than last week, but then again, not perfect. I was foiled by many tasks that seemed simple when I undertook them, but for one reason or another turned out to be horrendously difficult.

  1. Do the eTrade thing

  2. Edit podcast

  3. Draw up new network plans

  4. Take girls' medical forms to doctor for camp

  5. Send medical forms to camp

  6. REI for camp chairs

  7. pack for camping

  8. straw bales

  9. label and put down pickles

  10. chickens to freezer

  11. take bed out of BG's room

  12. rut like crazed weasels

  13. rut like crazed weasels

  14. rut like crazed weasels

  15. rut like crazed weasels

  16. rut like crazed weasels

  17. rut like crazed weasels

  18. procure headphones OR kick butts

  19. measure stride

  20. slack (note to self: this is on THE PIRATE's to do list, not mine)

  21. figure out how to get the damned pedometer working

  22. laundry

  23. clean kitchen

  24. tidy laundry room

  25. interview on Friday

  26. work out

  27. work out

  28. work out

  29. work out

  30. shave head

  31. shave Pirate's head

  32. rub my bald, stubbly head against Pirate's bald, stubbly head until sparks ensue

  33. scoop cat boxes

  34. pull cash for M

  35. finish uploading and sharing all those damn pictures

  36. dump run

  37. take back movies

  38. water the plants

  39. lunch with J Thursday

  40. take books back to library

  41. pay bills

  42. set up time off

  43. take care of jury duty thing

  44. reschedule chiropractor

  45. procure rental car

  46. deal with PayPal

  47. deal with Libsyn
Tags: weekly list

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