Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

I'm Naked!

Done and done. Pictures taken, hair bagged, green mint julep mask slathered all over every single millimeter of my face, scalp and neck.

What happened? Well, halfway through the clipper process, my stomach fluttered. I thought for a second that it might be a bad idea.

Then, once all the hair was clipped and I had a fraction of an inch of stubble, I rubbed all over my head because it felt really cool. Back when I used to buzz my head on a regular basis, this was my favorite. I loved the feeling of my head right after it was clipped.

Then, it was time to shave it. Lather up and keep moving the razor over it until it didn't catch anymore. I kept scraping the razor over my head and feeling it catch. It seemed to take forever, and at the end, I was just rinsing gray foam out of the razor because the stubble I was cutting was so tiny it just colored the foam. Once it all came off, my head didn't feel real anymore. It felt like it belonged to someone else. It felt like touching the skin of someone else, but I could feel me feeling myself. It was...alien.

I slathered my entire head with teal green mint julep clay mask. My head is incredibly cold now. Freezing.I can't feel the mask hardening on the top of my head, but I can feel it freezing up on my face. I'm really, really cold. As soon as this has hardened a little, I'm going to take a shower and rinse this all off.

Don't worry. I took pictures throughout the process so that you can all check it out.

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