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This is how it starts....

I hate getting married.
Okay, when I say "A lot," it's more than most people, but not as many times as, say...Elizabeth Taylor (whom I will be resurrecting for Halloween).

But honestly, this is my fourth marriage and my fifth wedding (I'll explain later), and I'm just frantic. We're getting married Xmas day, and I think we've both just been in denial about how soon that is. We've been scrambling around trying to take care of things and last night we both ended up having the same dream where we're running around a large place (a school in both cases) trying to find something and we're late. The minutae were different, but close enough to tell me that we're both freaked.

Frankly, my family doesn't help. I'm not allowed to do just one thing at a time with them. If I'm taking care of the invitations, they're on my ass saying "Have you got the dress done?" "What about decorations?" "Do you have the menu down?" This is part of why I tend to clam up.

The part that kills me is that this should be simple. It's on Xmas night (the family will all be in one place then), it's long after Xmas dinner has concluded, and the whole thing should be over and done with in under half an hour including the cake. Do I really have to make placecards and plan to decorate the whole venue for that?


Okay, just so I'm clear. Between now and the New Year, I will:
write two manuals
write one novel
run a 10K
get married
have Thanksgiving with my family
shop for everyone's Xmas gifts
have Xmas with my family

One thing at a time. Just one thing.

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