Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

The Monkey's Mommy

The Pirate and I flew my mother out here for her birthday. We had a lovely time going to the ZeroOne events in San Jose (A.D.M. That shit was cool). I appreciate that my mother, who is now officially at retirement age, is a HUGE technology fan. She's all about flashy and shiny and blinky and all that, and she's excited about what technology has to offer people.

Saturday afternoon, we came home and the Baby Goddess presented my mother with the birthday cake we'd made her. This was actually mostly the Baby Goddess' work from a recipe we got out of a story book from the library. We're going to have to copy this recipe down, because the cake turned out amazing - very rich and chocolate-y. I put some of our homemade cherry jam between the layers and more on top, then piped the top with whipped cream and sprinkled grated dark chocolate. Did that Saturday and it's gone now.

AFTER cake time, we went to Scopazzi's - the snooty dining establishment in Boulder Creek. That was lovely, and Mom really enjoyed herself.

Sunday, we first went to Scott's Valley to Coffee Cat where alleahna and I get together to write on Sunday mornings. Later, we got chicken feed and went home to clean the coop. Before dinner, Mom and I made some soap using palm, coconut and olive oils. I had some cucumber scent that made for a dark beige bar of really lovely smelling soap.

Monday, the Pirate and I were off to work while Mom took the girls to the Santa Cruz boardwalk with the tickets that the Baby Goddess won at the Spellathon. When they got home, Mom roasted one of the chickens and made some rice. The Pirate put together calabasitas (summer squash with corn, red bell pepper and cumin seeds), and that was dinner. We cut the soap we'd poured into bars, which will now take a couple of weeks to cure. If it turns out well, I'm going to be making a lot more soap from that particular recipe, since I have five gallons of palm oil. Five gallons. For crying out loud, what was I thinking?

I dropped Mom off at the airport on my way into work this morning. I really miss not having my Mommy around all the time. I love when she's here. Good stuff always happens.

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