Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Next Up: My Personal Jet Pack!

I have to get a dental implant. Yes, there is a perfectly solid medical need for this.

I'm sort of pissed because it's going to cost me a ton of money and my insurance won't cover it. They'd cover a bridge, but to do a bridge the dentist has to destroy two perfectly good teeth (one on either side of the tooth being lost) and crown them, cementing the bridge between the two new crowns.

That's a horrible idea, and not what I want. A dental implant will replace just the tooth that's being lost and will be permanent - the bridge will only last as long as the crowns, and the tooth that's being lost is one that's being lost because it was crowned 10 years ago when I got a root canal and there's something wrong under the crown.

So, given the fact that they're going to be implanting a fake tooth in my head anyway, I decided that I'm going to embed an RFID chip into the fake tooth.


I'll have the RFID chip. In my head. It'll just be there. What applications can I now hook up to it? A flaming trampoline? Smart door locks? Something that interacts with my wireless phone?

What I want is not just an RFID chip, but I want the implant itself to be some kind of psychadelic millefiori thing. I want the tooth equivalent of the Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse, from the story of that name in Raymond Bradbury's The October Country, where a very boring man who loses an eye has Henri Matisse paint him a poker chip to replace it.

Come on! Put your imaginations to work! Think! THINK, DAMN YOU! What can I do with the tooth itself, and what can I then do with the RFID chip? Think big! Think wild! Think crazy! (But think in terms of currently-available technology, because my dentist doesn't want to wait on this.)

(And for those of you who doubt my sanity, the wisdom of this enterprise, etc. - thank you, but I am not entertaining naysayers today.)
Tags: technofear

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