Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

*Cue Dramatic Music*

Well, today I'm feeling a thousand percent better than yesterday, but I'm fairly sure that's the Vicodin talking.

I have done precious little actual work today, but I did have that root canal, and according to Barney the Big Purple Endodontist, it went Very Well Indeed, and we've likely Saved My Tooth. Hurrah!

I mentioned yesterday that the grannies are dropping like flies. Peaches was nearly in tears yesterday talking about how she's scared that she's not going to get to see Old Granny before she dies, and that makes her sad. Well, thought I, this weekend's a 3-day weekend and just how expensive ARE tickets? They ain't cheap, but weighed against "this might be Peaches last chance to see Old Granny on this earth and this woman is one of Peaches complete heroes," they're a positive bargain. Tickets booked.

I called my ex-mother-in-law who was thrilled to have Peaches come out and will ferry her to see said granny.

So, in terms of number of tasks that I had on my plate yesterday, nothing much has changed. I'm just as behind as I ever was. But I have to say that talking to Peaches 86-year-old great-grandmother, who said "I suppose I've gotten all a person can expect from life," about four times during our five-minute conversation, gave me some perspective. Right now she's waiting to die because at this point she can't even take pleasure in the little things. She's in constant pain, she needs assistance to use the bathroom and get dressed, and she can't even taste food anymore. She's just miserable being alive.

I can choose not to be miserable. I can eat a strawberry and taste how sweet and tart it is. I can hug my kids and feel their fuzzy little cheeks against mine. I can watch my chickens outside and laugh at their crazy antics. Those things are right there for me to enjoy, and if I don't start enjoying them, I'll be sorry for it. I don't want to get old and think that I wasted my entire life worrying about the wrong things.

I'm gonna go appreciate my chickens now. And then do a few more work emails. (I still have to pay the bills.)
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