Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Snakes In My Bathroom

I was sitting on the toilet minding my own business when I saw an earthworm wriggling under the edge of the bathmat about an inch away from my left foot. But wait, it's moving awfully quickly for an earthworm, and not in the typical up-and-down earthworm undulation. No, this was most definitely side-to-side snakey undulation.

There was no place for the snakelet to go except under the bathmat, so I resumed my regularly-scheduled business. Once finished, I lifted the bathmat and picked up the most adorable little 6" garden snake you would ever want to have crawl across your foot in a darkened bathroom. Or a well-lit one, for that matter.

I showed him to the Baby Goddess (who was eagerly anticipating story time), and she let him curl around her fingers. I got out the magnifying glass and showed her how you can tell where the snake's body ends and his tail begins (snakes' bellies are a long column of single scales, while their tails are a double column of interleaved scales). Then we put him outside on the landslide where most other accidental tourists in our house end up.

What is it with me and wildlife?

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