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What a weekend!

Back from the SoBaNaNo retreat, and I have some amazing gratitude to unpack:

THANKS to everyone who showed. Together, we were all a force of nature. My hands-down favorite part of the weekend was the Saturday night reading. You are all geniuses and I feel honored to be in your company.
SUPER THANKS to feralboy2 for his unfailing positivity, support, good humor and curiosity. I feel like I don't see nearly enough of you, and time in your company is always a treat.
SUPER DELUXE THANKS to gallifreyan for his forebearance. Your restraint was both remarkable and appreciated. We know that you are capable of the kind of puns that leave the hearers unable to blink both eyes in unison and hemorrhaging from most orifices, and I feel fortunate to have gotten out in one piece.
DOUBLE BONUS THANKS to recursive for his amazing mastery of both fire and popcorn. And I don't even like popcorn. That's how good it was.
ASTRAL MEGA-BITCHIN' THANKS to wordweaverlynn for a tarot reading that didn't tell me anything new, but helped me to focus. Your willingness to do a reading even after I had another reading was greatly appreciated. And thank you for sharing such personal things with us. It was wonderful and moving.
SUPER MEGA DELUXE UBER-THANKS to mortaine for yummy cookies, a fabulous tarot reading, being the designated extrovert and dishwasher and being my biggest cheerleader. Even introverts need luuuv, and I'm no exception. Thanks for being a bud.
And finally,
ULTRA SUPER MEGA GIGANTIC BONUS DELUXE THANKS WITH CHEESE to idunno3 for organizing the whole thing. The venue was wonderful, the company was inspiring, and it's always nice to have one guy in the group who's guaranteed to be shocked.

I'm already looking forward to next year.

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