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Okay, I have three pieces of news:

1. I got iTunes and an iPod (which hasn't arrived yet), so I've been incredibly busy ripping every cd I have in anticipation of the iPods arrival. No longer will I have to lug my hard plastic 40-cd case around with me. Granted, the hard plastic case was cool and made me very happy, but this thing is (okay, will be) the size of a pack of cigarettes (and didn't even cost that much more!) and will hold every cd I own. This is cool.

2. I finished my Nanowrimo novel! At 8:50 this evening, I finished the last paragraph for a total of 50,049 words. Not nearly the length of last year's endeavor, but I'm really pleased. My husband is also thrilled to no end because this means that he gets to see me again. He was missing me, poor baby. I have already promised the baby that extra snuggles would ensue, and there was champagne and sparkling cider being uncorked as I was tapping out the last hundred-ish words. Huge thanks to all my fellow Nanos for being there for me. I need you guys, even if I never show up at your dos.I'm with you in spirit.

3. My younger sister is in town this weekend for the American Public Health Association Conference. She's a clinical psychologist in Chicago, but here, she's still my baby sister. We had some yummy birthday time with her last night and she took the girls out to Santa Cruz while the Pirate and I went to the opera (we went to see Don Carlos, got there late, I wrote 1500 words while in the opera, and we left before the last guy died). She and the Pirate are playing Scrabble right now. My sister rocks, kicks ass, and is the best, bar none.

I love everything right this minute. Everything.

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